Boat trip along Mallorca’s north coast

by Isabel

Today’s starting point is Port de Sóller, a beautiful port town located 30 kilometres north of Palma, and an easy 40 minutes drive from our rural finca, S’Establit. We know the port well. It’s a popular destination, and for good reason! Casey claims to ride here on his bike, taking the old, scenic, switchback littered road over the mountains that separates us from the islands northwest coast, but I haven’t seen any photos of it yet, so I’m not so sure I believe him.

Last time we were at Port de Sóller together we were rushed through. We ferried in on a boat from Sa Colabra before hopping on the tram heading to the main city of Soller, where we switched to the historic train that carried us through the Tramontana mountains to Plaza España, the gateway into old town of Palma. It’s a popular packaged tour, and although we enjoyed it, we were happy to be back exploring Port de Sóller and its surrounding coastline at our own pace.

Our plan was to head out on some new boats that arrived to town. Maksy Boats recently set up shop, and although they’re booked through the summer, we were able to sneak in a day exploring Mallorca’s legendary, and somewhat mysterious, North West coast.

After a 5 minute course on the boat, including how it starts, where the cooler goes, and where to find the life jackets and flairs (!!!), we were ready to go. Because the Maksy Boats are little bumper boat like zodiacs with a trawling motor, no boating licence is required. And although for a trawling motor it’s punchy, it’s basically harmless even at full speed, so perfectly safe.  Casey claims to have a boating license in drawer somewhere in Canada, but nobody cared. All you need is a minimum level of common sense and a bit of respect of the open sea.

The plan was to make whatever stops seemed right along the way, especially places that are only accessible by sea: caves, cliffs, beaches, canyons.

First we went south along the rocky coast to Na Foradada (the pierced one), a huge holed rock that juts out into the Mediterranean sea. You can admire it from a distance from the country estate of Archduke Luis Salvador, but to see it up close you have to approach it by foot or boat.  As we came close, the imposing sixty feet hole came into view. A complete change of perspective and a a magical scene! We parked our boat among a collection of fancy yachts to contemplate the beauty of the surrounding nature and to enjoy the amazing views of the rock window.

After some exploring of the area with the boat, we headed north to Sa Calobra. On the way we passed several cliffs and small coves. Eventually we anchored in Cala Tuent, a beautiful cove with a sandy beach located at the foot of the Puig Major, the highest peak in Mallorca. Although the weather hadn’t been great, the sun made an appearance, so we lingered and lunched while soaking in the sun.

After Cala Tuent, we motored towards Sa Calobra Bay, where we stopped by the Torrent de Pareis Gorge. This spot is a perfect example of the stunning scenery that shouldn’t been missed when visiting Mallorca. We stopped by the buoys at the entrance of the small pebble beach. The place is often crowded with tourists in summer, but with boat access this wasn’t a problem in the slightest. After a quick dip in the crystal clear waters we headed back to port.

Along the way back Casey spent some time mentally preparing himself for next week’s deep water soloing session, which he says he’s excited about, but I think, more likely, quite terrified.

Renting a boat to explore Mallorca’s coastline is one of the best ways to enjoy your holidays on the island. For us, it was a wonderful day trip between some of the most idilic spots in the island. The only thing we’d caution readers about is to make sure you’re not fighting wind and 4 foot rollers with an empty tank on your way back. This won’t be a problem if you just tuck outside the port, where in three minutes you can already be anchored in near seclusion in the middle of the mediterranean, but it could be a problem if you decide to play it like Captain Casey, and go full throttle between all the possible stops, without regard to the forecast.

Boat rental Mallorca

If you also want to enjoy the best views of the coastline and discover some of the hidden corners of the island, call Maksy Boats on +34 699 27 04 42 or email Pavlo, the manager, will make sure you have a splendid day out on the water.

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