Mallorca’s most scenic drives

by Isabel

Fancy a holiday touring the island of Mallorca? Then renting a car is going to be your best option. And with a seemingly endless supply of scenic drives winding through dramatic landscapes and natural wonders, many ending at secluded beaches, you won’t be disappointed. If you treat yourself to a fancy rental (like, say, a convertible in the summer), you might even feel like your in a hot new car commercial!

We’re not making this up. We’ve heard it first hand, many times over. This is because we operate an airbnb in the heart of the island, and although its only 15 minutes from both the airport and Palma, it’s very difficult for our guests to come and go without a car. This means we’re constantly interacting with tourists that are spending their days exploring the island by car. And their enthusiastic reports have inspired us to get to know the routes better ourselves, so we’ve made a point to do two or more day trips a month. This might sound like a lot, but Casey’s done the math, and he thinks that at this rate it will take us roughly five years to get to know the island the way we’d like to. There’s that much to explore! But luckily for you, we’ve tackled the main routes first, so we already have a lot to share.

First, we want to say that the big sell for driving around the island is it’s unique combination of ideal weather, stunning scenery, and pristine roads that carry you along at the island’s special, laid back pace, often to unforgetable places that are impossible to reach by public transportation. The Balearic Island of Mallorca is also small, safe, and packed with interesting things to do and see, making it a simple matter to change itineraries on the fly. These factors combine to make Mallorca the perfect destination for un unforgettable journey on wheels.

The second thing we want to stress is that it’s impossible to visit absolutely everything in Mallorca in one trip. If your plan is to just hit the road and see what you see, you likely won’t be disappointed, but you certainly will miss out on a lot of the highlights. The list we’re providing below is meant to give you a bit of the best of both worlds. Not too rushed, and flexible, but sending you in the right direction so you don’t miss the spots and sights everyone has been fussing about.

That intro aside, here’s our rundown of the most heart-clutching and beautiful drives you can take on the island. They should be thought of as self-guided, allowing you to explore at your own pace. Now it’s time to hit the road and enjoy the scenic views of this Mediterranean paradise!

Cruising Mallorca through Tramontana, from Valldemossa to Sóller

This itinerary leads you through the stunning Sierra de Tramuntana mountains from the town of Valldemosa, which is easily one of Mallorca’s prettiest small towns. As the road turns into a dramatic series of twists and turns along the island’s north western coastline, you will reach the dreamy town of Deia. At the end of this challenging but scenic mountain drive you’ll find Sóller and its port, a natural seaside shelter turned holiday hub. Along the harbor you’ll find the marina, a sandy beach and plenty of local bars and restaurants where you can celebrate a successful day in paradise… >> Continue reading <<

Towns on this route: Valldemosa – Deià – Sóller – Port de Sóller.
Length of this route: 18 miles.
Where to eat: Ca’n Molinas in Valldemosa, Café Sa Font Fresca in Deià and Randemar Restaurant in Port de Sóller
Where to sleep: Ca’s Papà in Valldemossa, Es Molí in Deià and Hotel Es Port in Port de Sóller.

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Mallorca’s west coast road trip to Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra, declared a Natural Monument by the Balearic Government in 2003, is a beautiful cove located in the Tramuntana mountains. To get there,  you’ll head down the MA-10 towards Escorca, passing the Cuber and Gorg Blau reservoirs between the slopes of the Puig Major. A steep winding road with plenty of twists and bends, including the famous curve of nudo de corbata, will take you down to the charming harbor village of Sa Calobra. Through its 8 miles long and a total elevation of 720 meters you will enjoy truly magical mountain scenery backdropped by the Mediterranean Sea. Continue by foot along the right hand side of the beach to a beautiful cove at the gorge Torrent de Pareis… >> Continue reading <<

Towns on this route: Sóller – Fornalutx – Sa Calobra – Escorca – Lluc – Caimari – Selva – Inca.
Length of this route: 50 miles.
Where to eat: Ca N’Antuna in Fornalutx, Hotel Sa Calobra in Escorca, Sa Fonda in Lluc.
Where to sleep: Hotel Ca’n Reus in Fornalutx, Santuari de Lluc in Lluc, Petit Hotel Son Arnau in Selva.

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Driving Mallorca’s northern tip, cap de Formentor

If you want to to experience Mallorca’s most dramatic scenery, you have to drive the road to the Formentor Cape. Starting at the ancient town of Pollença, this iconic 15 kms stretch of road is considered one of the most scenic in the world, and is characterised by innumerable hairpin turns along a stunning landscape, high above the sea, with views that don’t disappoint. Also visit Alcudia, a fortified medieval town believed to be the oldest city in the Balearic Islands and its port turned into a highly modernized resort town and a popular holiday destination… >> Continue reading <<

Towns on this route: Pollença – Port de Pollença – Cap de Formentor – Alcudia – Port d’Alcudia – Playa de Muro.
Length of this route: 42 miles.
Where to eat: La Llonja in Port de Pollença, Restaurant Celler Ca’n Costa Alcudia in Alcudia.
Where to sleep: Hotel Illa D’Or in Port de Pollença, Alcudia Petit Hotel in Alcudia, Iberostar Playa de Muro in Muro Beach.

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Beach hopping in the south of Mallorca

You don’t need to go to Asia or the Caribbean to enjoy wonderful white sand and turquoise water beaches. Mallorca, the paradise of the Mediterranean, is home to some of the best beaches in the world. This is especially true along the island’s south coast, where you can get away from the hustle of the tourist resorts and find yourself hopping between long stretches of white sand beaches in their unspoiled, natural landscapes.

From the small town of Sa Rapita to the blissful natural park of Mondragó, this route will allow you to hop along the southern coastline, taking in a variety of unique beaches while soaking under the Mediterranean sun. It’s the perfect day trip for all sun, sand and sea lovers! >> Continue reading <<

Towns on this route: Cala Pi – Campos – Ses Salines – Colonia de Sant Jordi – Santanyí – Cala Llombards
Length of this route: 43 miles.
Where to eat: CASSAI Beach House and Restaurante Salicornia in Colonia de Sant Jordi, Restaurante Laudat in Santanyí.
Where to sleep: Ca’n Magrana in Campos, S’Hotelet de Santanyi in Santanyí and Agroturismo Na Martina in Portopetro.

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