Rural Mallorca Vacation in Lloseta

by Isabel
rural mallorca vacation

Mallorca is a great destination for a summer holiday, but you will find that it is an island that has a lot more to offer than sightseeing and sunbathing. As you head inland, away from the main tourist areas and towards the mountains, you will immerse yourself in the ‘real’ Mallorca. In fact, many people prefer to visit Mallorca from autumn to spring to be able to enjoy the island’s slow living bliss, beautiful countryside, lively market towns and tranquil villages.

Lloseta is an old inland town that offers a quiet and ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of other parts of the island. It is a place of tradition and agriculture yet, boutique hotels, fine restaurants and entertainment can be found here. As for the sea and the city of Palma, they are less than 30 minutes drive away. So, although it has a slightly secluded feel, as the town is set in a green valley by the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, its location makes for a great base to explore some of the island’s highlights and soak up some authentic Mallorcan culture, especially if in search of some good quality local food. So if you are an outdoor lover looking for a relaxing holiday in Mallorca, keep reading!

A place to unwind

A slower paced lifestyle can be enjoyed in Lloseta. It retains much of the island’s rural heartland charm but it holds an identity of its own with its own distinct characters and traits. Open almond fields, vineyards and olive trees define the scenery of this traditionally charming village where, in some places, it seems like time has stood still. If you prefer a more relaxed holiday on the island, Lloseta can be the perfect destination for a getaway in Mallorca

We had the chance to explore Lloseta’s surroundings and its old town during the blogtrip #SomdeMallorca in collaboration with Mallorca Tourism and Lloseta Town Hall. The old town preserves a rich and varied heritage. It is small enough that you can walk across it through the small charming maze of winding streets. It has a mish-mash of architecture made up of old historic buildings and stone farmhouses alongside new homes, complete with a newly built local theatre for alternative and traditional Mallorcan entertainment, a majestic parish church and a central square dominated by the 18th-century old Palace of Ayamans and its beautiful gardens.

Although Lloseta has slowly developed over the years into an up-and-coming tourist destination it remains far off the usual tourist track and still has the calm vibe that makes this island so special.

Enjoy traditional local cuisine

For those who want a taste of the authentic Mallorca, you have found your place! Lloseta is the home to top-notch local cuisine. The winding cobbled streets of Lloseta are lined with wonderful restaurants and cellers that showcase high quality food from local chefs and are the ideal place for trying out the flavours of traditional Mallorcan dishes.

One of the best and most popular restaurants in town is the Celler Ca’n Carrossa. This restaurant has been in the same family for over a century. Chef Joan Abrines bases his cuisine of the original Mallorcan recipes his mother taught him but serves them with a moder touch in an 18th century building full of character. What impressed me the most is that the Chef himself came out of the kitchen and told us the menu for the day: Autumn rice soup, pork cheeks with quince and (my favorite!) an amazing menjar blanc, a traditional dessert made of almond cream. This restaurant is definitely a must if you visit Lloseta.

Another great spot in town is the restaurant of the young Mallorcan chef Tomeu Lassio. He served us a five courses tasting menu, including a toast with cod and trempó, stuffed squid with tomato sauce, one of the best arroz negro (a version of traditional paella with squid ink) I have ever tried, a melt in the mouth porcella (oven roasted pork) and Lloseta’s number one dessert, the popular cardenal from Forn de Baix. Cardenal is a long cake made up of two layers of super fluffy sponge cake filled with meringue and cream. A real delight!

I could keep going forever so here are some dishes and pastries you need to try if you stay in Lloseta: the cremadillos from Can Pistola, the frit mallorquí from Celler Sa Placa, the doblegats from Forn de Baix and the variat sandwich from Can Bestard. 

Explore the countryside

If you want to work up your appetite, there are a number of great hiking and cycling routes in this area. Get your hiking boots on and explore the different breathtaking landscapes around Lloseta or cycle through the quiet country lanes of the Mallorcan plain.

Lloseta is a true crossroads of hiking and cycling routes and a perfect base for exploring the island. One popular route for cyclists is the famous Sa Calobra – Puig Major circle route, stopping at the town of Caimari, Sóller and Orient along the way. Or, for something less strenuous, take the scenic hiking route from Lloseta to Mancor del Vall where you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the “Pla de Mallorca”. If you want to check out more about the different routes available in this area we recommend checking our post about sustainable tourism in Lloseta.

Outside the hottest months of July and August, Lloseta is a good place for active holidays offering plenty to see and do, and remains warm enough to stroll around the rural paths of Mallorca’s interior surrounded by nature.

Mallorcan handcraft products

Lloseta offers a rich variety of hand crafted goods thanks to its long and rich history. It has developed a reputation for making shoes, a tradition that can be traced back many generations. In fact, the well known family business within the hiking community, Bestard Boots, has produced world-class quality hiking boots in Lloseta since 1940. 

Another family-run workshop based in Lloseta is Teixits Riera, which has been designing, making and distributing the Mallorcan fabric teles de llengües since 1896. This fabric is manufactured using ancient processes and following the guidelines and methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. With a great variety of designs and colours that bring to life traditional Mallorcan products, in Teixits Riera store in Carrer Major 50, you will find cloth by metres, curtains, cushions, table cloths and runners, oven mitts, napkins, duvet covers and hand bags.

Wine tasting

Don’t miss out on some of the excellent vineyards in this area. Right in the middle of the Raiguer region, surrounded by stunning vineyards, you can travel through some of the best wine routes in Mallorca. A must if you are a wine lover. 

Most of the wines produced in this region belong to the denomination of origin of Binissalem. Design your own wine route visiting the different wineries and explore some of the towns of this region while you taste its wonderful wines. The most famous and widely produced wines are the reds made with the local grape variety Manto Negro, known for its light colour and fruity aromas.

A boutique hotel in Lloseta

When it comes to accommodation in this area, there are a couple of boutique style hotels within the village. Cas Comte Petit Hotel & Spa is a favourite of ours. It features 22 fully renovated rooms and suites, a lovely dining area and a rooftop swimming pool. It is located in the old country manor house of Lloseta’s Ayamans Palace, a building dating from the 18th century. 

Book your room at Cas Comte Petit Hotel & Spa HERE.

The spacious Cas Comte’s interiors are made with natural local materials such as hand-worked limestone from Binissalem, sandstone from Porreras and Santanyí or hand-made stone tiles recovered from an old pottery in Felanitx. Their keen eye for detail creates a calm and welcoming environment giving guests the relaxed and informal feeling of being in a private house. This quiet and upscale hotel is a hidden gem of the island. It offers the perfect setting for a truly rural Mallorca vacation or a weekend getaway

Don’t be a typical tourist in Mallorca and venture out to explore the island and discover any untouched parts. Some well-known mountain towns like Valldemossa and Sóller are beautiful and great to see but an extended visit there can find itself overrun by loads of tourists visiting at a time. Thankfully though, they remain a handful of cities that tourists have not found their way to. Lloseta is one of them. Visiting Lloseta you will discover a whole new side to the island.

Tips to save money on your holidays in Mallorca

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